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Tough Love

This post is going to be different than my usual but it's something that needs to be said with love and a little sass. It is nobody's job to validate you or what you are doing. The quicker that you are able to realize that some people will thrive on tearing you down, the happier you'll be. Ultimately the only person that you need to validate you is God and nobody else's opinion should matter. Sadly as humans, we sometimes crave affirmation from people around us but oftentimes God will strategically put us around people who won't validate us so that we can lean more on Him and seek the things that we are craving in Him instead of those around us.

QueenMe is geared towards helping women to shine their own crown so that they (we) won't look for the world to shine it. Self-validation is important and God-validation is priceless, but that validation that you are seeking in the world is temporary and unecessary.

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