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When He Speaks...

I'm the type of person that when God tells me something, I like to receive confirmation of whatever it is that He told me, just to make sure that I heard Him correctly. I don’t look for the confirmation in people but I’ll say God if you want me to do this, and if I heard you correctly, please allow this certain thing to happen. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way.

I remember when I was younger, my Dad told me that I was expecting God to part the seas, blow strong winds and make His voice boom and that’s not how it would always happened. He told me that often times, God’s voice is subtle and we just have to trust and have faith in what He is saying no matter how subtle His voice is when He says it.

For me personally, it would be great if He shined a great big light and even threw specs of glitter when He speaks to me but He doesn’t, so my job is to keep my spiritual ears and eyes open so that when He does speak, I will be in a place to hear Him clearly.

Detox your spirit and focus on His word and allow him to speak and to move in your life!

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