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Today I watched my oldest niece, my baby and my 'Poo-Poo' go to the prom and although I managed to hold back the tears, it made it me think about how life just happens. I remember going to the hospital and waiting for my sister to have her and today I watched her drive away to make a night full of amazing memories. 😭

It made me realize how life is truly like a vapor;  moments,seconds, minutes and hours turn into days, weeks, months and years and essentually a good memory if we're lucky enough. 

Watching her almost adult stage makes me want to savor every breathe that I take to enjoy life,thank God, make memories and to leave a good imprint. I want my time, my being and my life to be more than empty moments, I want to have amazing, full and unforgetable moments and it's not too late for me. What about you?

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