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God you did it?!?

Have you ever prayed for something? Like really prayed for something? And then God blessed you with what you prayed for and then you were surprised that God granted you what you prayed for?

That's where I found myself this week, surprised that what I had been seeking God for had finally come to pass. It seems like I had been seeking God for almost a year to bless me with something specific; I have prayed, sown, and fasted for this very thing and on Friday God literally dropped in in my lap in a greater way than what I could have imagined. He is just that kind of God!

When I was talking to my mom, I said "I can't believe that God did that." Even though I believed that He could and eventually would, He did it so effortlessly that I was just Awe about it.

A lot of times we pray and pray and pray for something and the read to get to our answered prayer seems long and bumpy and sometimes unbearable but remember that God is no shorter than His Word and His Word cannot and will not return to Him void! Keep holding on and have faith Queens!

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