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The other day I was talking to somebody who's really close to me and I was telling them one of the steps that I desire to take soon regarding my career and they listened to my desire and then told me something more "realistic" that they thought that I should do. I truly respect their opinion but I wasn't expecting their criticism and I definitely don't remember asking for it.

You really have to be careful who you tell your dreams to because you never know who's waiting to shoot them down. Some people you have to put in the 'show and prove' category . Even though you don't have anything to prove to them and some people also aren't worthy enough to share your vision with. Truth be told some people will hate the passion behind your vision because there's died a long time ago. (AMEN.)

I feel that so many people become comfortable and allow comfort to rob them of purpose. For example, I know people who have good jobs, make good money, live nice lives full of nice things but they haven't remotely tapped into what God has for them because they are not walking in their purpose and they are ignoring the plan that they know God has for their life. Don't ignore your dream, vision or Gods plan and

NEVER let anyone break your passion or destroy your dream! Everyone isn't supposed to 'get it' and that's okay. Jokers often times stare in amazement at how the Queen moves and it's out of their league to understand. 

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