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In God I trust...

I don't think that I have ever blogged about my political views, but today I am making an exception.  Before I step on my soapbox,  let me first say that I love each and every person reading this whether we have the same views or not and let me say secondly that I don't debate politics,  I say what I have to say and keep it moving.

 *Steps on soapbox.*

God is the head of my life,  it's Him that I serve and Him that I solely trust and regardless of who sits in the White House, God reigns. I exercise my right to vote because of those that came before me whom didn't have the right. But even in the case of me voting and my candidate of choice not winning, I have no fear because I am covered in The Blood. 

I must admit that upon hearing that Donald Trump won the election, I was disgusted and I could not believe that majority of Americans were blind enough to allow such a being to hold such a high office. But then,  I remembered that God has me and nothing that Trump does, can be done without the "okay" from God. 

It troubles me to see so many believers in such an uproar because it shows that we have forgotten who really is The Head of State and The Boss...It's God!  I believe that this is the time for us to pray and trust, not in the country or in the system but in God. Imagine what kind of change we would evoke if we stopped complaining and started praying? 

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