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Broken for Greater

It's been almost 3 months since my boyfriend passed but it seems like just yesterday. I remember the day after he passed I said "God why? I have been through so much this year alone and now this? " God doesn't always answer me instantly, but this particular day, He said "Your ministry. " Some people may have been like "Okay God, cool. " But me, I said "My ministry? " I was almost angry because I know a lot of things that I have gone through have been to minister to someone else after that season. Not everybody has the same assignment from God or purpose, some of us have to be broken for others to be healed. Is it fair? It definitely doesn't always seem or feel like it but knowing that what I am going through is a part of Gods plan for my life, let's me know that one of these days I'll be okay. I'll probably still cry when I think about him, but I'll be able to encourage a lady going through the same thing from a place of "Hunny I've been there."

I really want to encourage whoever is reading this. Queen, what you are going through is not greater than the God that you serve nor is it greater than your destination. Straighten your crown and allow God to carry you through. I love you and I mean it. 

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