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No Financing over here..

One thing about me is that when I love , I love hard, however when I start showing material affection such as buying my man 'just because' gifts, know that I REALLY CUT FOR YOU. Like really, really, really cut for you. The minute that I buy you a gift, just know that we have a ride or die type of relationship.

I've never been the type of woman to finance a man or a relationship for several reasons. 1) Because a woman should be treated as a queen and Queens are pampered not pimped. 2) I'm not going to ask you to do anything for me that I can't do for myself and I expect the same level of respect from a man. ( Example: If you want me to buy you a pair of Ray Bans but you can't buy your own, we have a problem.)

Now don't get me wrong, I know there is a time in relationships where you have to be there for the other party and that may come at the expense of you stepping out of your comfort zone (if you're like me)and assisting them.

I believe that the answer to the "Should I or shouldn't I?" question comes down to the question of "Would they do the same thing for me?" If they would do it for you then go for it, but if they wouldn't then that may be a relationship that needs to be revaluated.

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