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Love set you up…

Love set you up…

Y’all know that I love the show Black Ink Chicago (PHOR I LOVE YOU!!!!) and on that show there is a couple named Don and Ashley. Now, Ashley has dealt with more than her fair share from Don regarding infidelity but she has time, after time, after time again forgiven him. And even after she has been more than forgiving to him, he continues to find new ways to disrespect her and disregard the commitment that they made to one another to work on their relationship.

Now last week, there was a party at the tattoo shop, 9 Mag, and Don told Ashley that she was not invited and she showed up anyway, after he hadn’t come home in days nor had any communication with her. When I tell y’all that she made a fool of herself at the party; yelling, screaming, cussing, crying, fighting, falling over and being carried out. It was the definition of ‘doing the most’.

In my opinion a lady would have stayed home or slid through the party just to make it known that she’s in the building, take some pictures, eat some food and then leave with the same amount of dignity that she had when she walked in. I have never been asked to leave an establishment and I refuse to allow it to be from me trying to find out what ‘my man’ is doing.

I know from personal experience that love will have you looking like boo-boo the fool out here in these streets, but at a certain point you have to acknowledge when the person that you are with doesn’t love you like you love them and especially know when they don’t have respect for you. Everyone has a breaking point and in the words of Keri Wilson “Every woman has a breaking point y’all some women can be lied to and cheated on and beated on (but) there’s a limit to my love.” I personally feel like most women don’t know their breaking point until they get to it, I know that I didn’t and I’m sure that Ashley doesn’t either, but don’t be made a fool just because. If he doesn’t love you, fix your crown and keep on moving forward.

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