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Who's in your circle?  

I'm in a really good and different place in my life right now. Over the past year,  I have taken you all on the crazy roller coaster that is my life. I have been up and down then back around in a loop and at certain times it even seemed like the ride had shut down completely. 

So much has happened in my life lately causing me to shift my focus and start wandering around again asking "What's next?" I feel as  if I need a major vacation but the show must go on!  It's because of God and the strong women in my circle that I keep it trucking.  The next thing that I'm going to say may sound strange to some and weird to others,  some if these women I don't even know.  You read that correctly!  Majority of the women that inspire me are women that I follow on IG who motivate me through their variety and daily posts. 

At my church my Bishop was speaking and put into perspective how you can get to the next level by associating yourself with people who are on the level that you are on. 

I encourage you to befriend people on higher levels so that they may encourage you to go to higher levels.  Remember that everyone that you know is capable of teaching you  something that you do not know. 

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