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Who wants a lose man? 

Now y'all know that I don't like speaking for everybody but I feel comfortable in saying that we've all heard a man say that he doesn't want a woman that everyone has had.  I can completely understand that coming the aspect of wanting to have something "special" and or "untouched". But newsflash gentlemen,  most women want the same thing! 

I'm speaking for myself,  I don't want a man who had been with all of Texas. We all have a past but if you have to rent out a cementary to lay your skeletons,  I'm warning you now that I'm about to run to the closest exit.  Now if he is a changed man trying to live his life right and his skeletons are from his pre-saved life,  don't hold it against him.  But honey,  if he's consistently adding more skeletons,  look at him and say "I don't want a lose man! "

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