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Connecting w/ your purpose….

I started QueenMe for several reasons; Initially the site was just for me to express my opinion about everything and anything that crossed my mind and to blog about celebrities and give my 25 cents (yes 25) on their latest and greatest nonsense! On September 30, 2015 I wrote my first of many vulnerable blog posts that would start me on my journey to defining my purpose and introducing myself to the woman that I am today. The post talked about how I was in a battle in my life and how ultimately I just wanted to take a bottle of pills and be done with it all. At that point I was out of work, unhappy with my then marriage, dealing with body issues, dealing with not feeling good enough as a person and at that point I felt all together worthless. I really didn’t know where my life was going but I had allowed the enemy to convince me that God did not have a purpose for me and that my life was worthless and that my family would be better off without me. I am so glad that through prayer and fasting I broke out of that state of mind and discovered my purpose.

I have always heard that we don’t go through every battle for ourselves, but we go through sometimes to benefit someone that we don’t even know. I honestly cannot tell you the women that I have had the opportunity to pour into regarding self-esteem/worth, marriage, divorce, separation, infertility and infidelity and had if I had not gone through the worst season of my life, I would not have been able to connect with them on that level.

Connecting to my purpose allows me to connect and give glory to God because if it had not been for The Lord on my side I would have lost my mind a long long long time ago. But God! It is so important to know the reason that you are here. I always find myself asking what can I do? Who can I help? Because I have been through too much not to be a blessing to another.

Don’t allow what seems like destruction break your connection with your purpose nor your creator! YOU ARE DESTINED FOR GREATER!

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