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But what if a woman?...

Y’all know that I like talking to people (sometimes), especially about relationships. The other day, I was talking to one of my relatives and out of respect for him, I won’t say his name or his relationship to me in my family tree (lol). During our conversation, he was saying how his girlfriend expected a lot from him regarding how to be with her and how she wanted to be treated. From what he was telling me, none of her demands were ridiculous; I mean honestly what woman doesn’t want her bath ran when she gets home from a long day of work, or who doesn’t want to come home just one night a week and dinner be taken care of, or who wouldn’t want to come home to a vase of roses? (I’m not a flower person but that would melt my little heart). Long story short, because of how she expected to be treated, he let her go.

Now if the roles were reversed and he made the same demands or requests that she made, he would expect her to not only honor them but to go above and beyond what he asked, so why couldn’t he do the same for her?

This is a question that I really don’t have an answer to, but for me personally, when I am in a relationship I feel like it is us against the world. I’ll keep a smile on your face and you should strive to keep a smile on my face especially because I was smiling before I met you. No relationship is perfect but I believe when you agree to be committed, you agree to build and to do for one another and it doesn’t even have to be monetary, just be there as the other party expects you to.

When you care about someone you don’t back away because they are expecting more; you just rise to the occasion and do what needs to be done!

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