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Just be a woman...

I am probably the most “do it myself” type of person ever! I hate asking people for assistance regardless of who it is or what I am doing (y’all pray for me). Almost a week ago I was lifting a heavy box and the ‘sheroe’ (female version of a hero) in me was like “I got this….oh but it’s heavy.” Immediately out of the corner of my eye, I saw a big strong manly man (yes I said manly man) rush over and say “I got that for you.” Instantly I said “No, I go it. But thank you!” I can’t put into words the look of disappointment that came over him and immediately in my spirit, I heard “Let that man be a man.”

I am a firm believer that one of the reasons society is so jacked up in regards to relationships and marriage is because women have forgotten how to be women and men have forgotten how to be men. I can’t speak for how men feel nor can I speak for how all women feel, because I am just me. So in speaking for only me, I can say that as a woman I do what needs to be done and I know that I am capable with the help of God to do anything that I can put my mind to. However, I do know that as a woman there are certain things that I shouldn’t be doing because it’s something that a man should do.

There is a reason that God created man first and woman last. As a strong woman I feel like I can do anything, as a smart woman I know that there are things that a man has the authority to do that I don’t and as a vulnerable woman I know that there is a man waiting and ready to be my covering when I am ready to allow him.

Have you ever thought that maybe your man hasn’t manifested yet because you aren’t ready to be his woman? It’s nothing wrong with being a strong woman but be smart enough to know when you need to allow a man to be a man.

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