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Some people want to see you cry….

So this weekend, I had the “pleasure” of seeing someone that knows my ex-husband which isn’t out of the norm seeing though I still reside in the same city and Fort Worth isn’t getting any bigger. Anyway, while I was talking to this person, they showed me the Facebook picture of one of his sidelines. If you are thinking “Why would they do that?”, we are truly sisters. And just in case you are thinking, “We’ll maybe they didn’t know.” The person is fully aware of the situation.

When they showed me the picture, I literally said “What am I looking at?” The person said her name as if I did not recognize her and I said “Okay, again what I am I looking at?” Then they just put their phone away. I sat there wondering their thought process and rationale on showing me a picture of my ex-husbands sideline and the only thing that I came to was that that person was trying to hurt me. And that hurt’s. It goes to show that you have to be careful how close you allow some people to get to you. Had I not been so close to that person, they would have never had to opportunity to show me such nonsense. Regardless of how you try to perceive a person, some people don’t want to see you happy and try to do everything that they can think of to pull you down.

Choose to refuse to allow other people the access to break you. Tell them that they can’t hold that kind of power!

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