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“Hey gorgeous.”

Here as of late, I have been receiving a lot of “Hey gorgeous.” From different guys and usually it would make me blush and add a little extra to my ego but as of late, when I hear it doesn’t move me, I’m just like “tell me something that I don’t know” in the most non-conceited way possible. My relationship is so good with myself that I know that I am gorgeous. The fact that you think so just proves that you’re not blind and again I am saying that in the most non-conceited way possible.

I once heard a woman say that “Just because a man says Hi, doesn’t mean that he has to see your teeth.” At this point in my life, I fully know what she means. You have to get to a point of loving yourself to where you know who and what you are as a woman. So that when a man comes along, you don’t need him to shine your crown because you are content with you, you know you’re value and you know that you are beautiful whether he acknowledges it or not.

It has taken me years for me to build up who I am a woman. In the past I would throw myself at a guy who complimented me because then he was seeing something that I didn’t. But now he is seeing something that I see on a daily so I don’t need anyone to tell me.

Since my separation, I’ve made it a habit for me to tell myself that I love me every day. Some days have been harder than others but if I am ever going to ever add to anyone else’s life, I have to feel complete in my own skin. I have my days where it seems like the perfect selfie is just not possible, but even in that .I love me. I’ll blame it on my camera quality before I say that I look bad. Lol. I am not saying that when a man compliments you, that you should dismiss it, but let it be a confirmation of what you already know!

I am gorgeous whether you want to admit it or not, and I am in love with me with all my heart!

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