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It’s not my job to see you…

So it seems like everybody and their cousins are getting married or engaged and her I am getting my name changed back to my maiden name. (sigh) I’ve been down the aisle and to the courthouse and next time I am truly determined to do it completely different next time.

I have NEVER been the type to approach a male; in my 24 years on this Earth, to date, I have only approached one male. (His chocolate did something to me, Yes indeed! (Lol)) Some women have no problem with going up to a man and naturally striking up a conversation, but with me, the most that you are going to get is a smile, and if I am really interested you’ll get a full smile, teeth and all! I don’t feel bad for not going out of my way simply because I want a man to take initiative in our relationship and I want him to know that I am worth getting out of his comfort zone for.

I believe that when I meet my husband, he and I will recognize each other as such. I am honestly hoping that it will be like a scene from a movie. Nothing too dramatic but, maybe we lock eyes, everybody else in the room disappears and then a lady planning the harp comes from the sky with cherubs floating around her while they cherubs are cascading rose petals from gold vases as he and I float towards each other. Too Dramatic? I didn’t think so.

I think that as women we get to the point of wanting our love story to manifest so bad, that we chase it in attempts to make it manifest. In all honesty, that is the worst thing to do because a man that finds a wife finds a good thing (Proverbs 18:22), It is not our job to make him see us. If he is ‘the one’, and he doesn’t see you, God is hiding you for a reason. Trust the process and wait for God to allow the manifestation!

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