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*Sigh*….It’s my fault.

I am a firm believer in the utilizing the power that God has given me to speak and change my environment with the power of my tongue. Today I set the tone for my day when I said “Today is not my day.”

Picture this, I wake up this morning, late, rushing to get ready and I leave late only to remember that I needed to get gas. So, I go to the nearest gas station, pull up to a pump that turns out to be broken, then move to a working pump, get gas, pull off focused on making to work safe and on time. Then, I realized that I dropped my glasses at the gas station while I was transitioning from Pump A to Pump B, I sigh and say “Today is not my day.” I get to work, Yes, on time, get denied for vacation time by my supervisor, along the way I also get bombarded by cranky customers causing me to be late to all of my breaks and my lunch. And then I get the call that my storage unit was broken into and destroyed. Oh and to end my day, I went back to the gas station that I lost my glasses at, and there they are…. Broken into three pieces and missing a lenses.

Moral of the story, you have the power to determine the outcome of your day, what you do with that power is up to you! I chose to make my day less than perfect, but I tell you what, tomorrow I will choose my words more wisely.

Learn From my mistakes….Please!

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