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I have fantasized about today for quite some time now and I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel, even with all that has and hasn’t happened in the past. Today to hear the judge say “Your divorce has been granted” was surreal, I didn’t cry or feel empty, I felt lighter. I felt free and strong and brave and loved and resilient and a whole-lot-a other things. Hearing those words felt like a layer of pain and hurt was instantly shed off of my shoulders. Initially I wanted to write and open letter to him and her expressing my feelings and wishing them the “best”, but now it feels so not worth it to give anymore of energy to that situation in that fashion. I am at a point now to where I have said everything that I needed to say and what I have complete faith that God will deal with every party involved accordingly (even me). I can’t say that I won’t have moments where I miss that part of my life but what I can say is that I am ready to live, love and grow. I am so grateful for those who have prayed for me, checked on me, listened to me vent and have been there to help me pick up the pieces. Each of you have a special place in my heart! Thank you for being with me as this chapter was written.

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