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But I don't like his friends...

In order for me to avoid incriminating myself and to stop the "she got on her blog and said this..." conversations, I am going to start this blog off by saying that I have had a lot of relationships and I have learned lessons from them all. I also want to add that I still have good relationships with a majority of my exes. I really like to think of myself as 'the cool one that got away' and most of my breakups have been cordial enough to leave room to still be friends after it all goes down. Now that I have that out of the way, let me also say that I get along with most people on a surface level, meaning the basic "Hey!", "Crazy Weather, right?" or the recent "What about that Steph Curry?" I have been gifted by God to be able to talk to people, I can walk up to somebody and easily make a friend, if I choose to!

Even with me being the person that I am, I have been in many, well not many, but a few relationships where I did not like my boo's friends. I'm not talking about the "Oh I don't really care for him, but he's okay" type of dislike, I am talking about the "oh can he just go play in traffic" type of dislike. That brings me to the question of "Does it mater that I can't stand his friends?"

Trust me, it does! (I'm still not going to incriminate myself! lol) I will say that dating and or being

in a relationship with a person and being friends with his friends and him being friends with your friends is beneficial.

When you get to a certain point in a relationship, the things and people that are important to your partner, become the things and the people that are important to you and hold value with you. In all honestly, how can you truly value someone you don't like or can't stand the sight of?

In some relationships, that can be a major deal breaker. (Still not incriminating myself!) There are a handful of dudes that I can call and keep it 100%, no filter and they are all males who friends I dated, or who date one of my friends. True story!

There are definitely benefits of being able to at minimum carry a conversation with your boo's friends. You never know, you could end up finding a friend in their friends. And if you have already grounded, rooted, and justified reason or reasons that you don't like their friends, try to find something about them that could be the thing that may make y'all click and be a turning point in y'alls friendship. At the very minimum, y'all can agree to be surface level associates, just promise me that you'll try.

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