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Come on Ang...

I keep my ear to the celebrity streets hunny! A few weeks ago I was literally devastated to find out that Angela Simmons was pregnant and I think that saying that I was devastated is an understatement. Now, when Vanessa Simmons got pregnant, I wasn't at all surprised, but Ang?!?! Wasn’t she still supposed to be a virgin?

Recently Angela has been posting several provocative pictures embracing her bare body and protruding baby bump, which is something that many celebrities and even everyday people are taking to a risqué level. I grew up looking up to the Simmons sister's! I NEVER missed an episode of Run's House and I kept my Pastry shoes popping lol. I aspired to be a go-getter and move maker just like they were. I think that I saw them as being so relatable because they are fellow PK’s (Preacher Kids/Pastor Kids)

I know from experience that when you are a Pastor's kid, people put the most unrealistic expectations on you and you feel like you have to live up to them. I can say that in my mind Angela Simmons is a good wholesome, saved for real, kind hearted, pure, Christian woman who only drinks wine because it’s good for her heart. Somebody who stays in reading their Bible with a big bowl of popcorn and a gallon of water. (Too much?) That is her in my head and that is how I have always seen her! She’s innocent to me.

Without me being in her situation, I can only say how I think that I would handle it. And, as an single woman, If I were pregnant right now, I wouldn't put my baby bump on blast for the entire world to see because I'd have conviction regarding partaking in the activity that has put me in that predicament. I'm in no way saying that I would eternally hide my baby or love him or her any less, but you wouldn't see me naked covering my goodies and exposing my baby bump, it just wouldn't happen.

Tara Wallace

Babies are such a blessing regardless of the circumstance and or the situation (yes I'm pro-life), but what happened to the conviction of engaging in fornication? I'm not being super holy because I was celibate walking down the aisle and far from a virgin, but because of my conviction I eventually chose celibacy. What has happened to the conviction? Why is it okay to play house? Why is it okay to make a lifelong commitment of raising a child with someone you don’t see yourself building a future with? (I’m just asking!)

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