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Wouldn't you like to know...

I try not to generalize people and situations, but, I can say that we all have a person (at least one) in our life that wants to be in the know but they really don't need to know. These are people who try to pry into your business like they are digging for gold and work on commission. Y'all know that I have to make it personal; there is this person and we once had the type of relationship to where I felt comfortable enough to disclose certain things to until they began to disclose those things to others. Now our relationship is a “hi and bye” type of interaction, at least on my end, but for some odd reason, they aren't aware of the shift that took place in our friendship. This person sees me on a regular and always wants to know "What's new?" And I always respond with a "oh just work and church!" The other day, the conversation went as described, but then they began to ask about my divorce, and what I've been doing since then and etc. I simply said again “Just working and going to church.” I didn't budge! Once they realized where I stood in the conversation, that was it, it was over.

There's no rule that says that you have to allow people into your life. I know that I have a blog and I share so much of myself with you, and that is my choice. Now, if that person gets the scoop of my life by reading QueenMe, that's their prerogative, but they won't get it from my mouth. You have to know people's intentions. I know that this person doesn't ask because they care, they ask because they want to know what the next person doesn't and hold it over that person’s head and then say “ I shouldn’t tell you this but….” .

I reserve the right to keep you guessing. I smile and grin and think to myself “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

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