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It's okay to eliminate…

It okay to eliminate…

I don’t take any pride in saying that I am 24 and divorced (almost) but I am a firm believer in learning from every storm, test and trial and my “marriage” is a situation that I have learned and have grown. I believe that I knew what I wanted in a relationship but now I really know, like REALLY KNOW and I know that it is okay to eliminate someone based on them not meeting my expectations.

To me, the end result in dating is to meet the man that I am going to spend the rest of my life with; the man that I will wake up to every day, do ministry with, have kids with and love endlessly. But now when dating I’m like “Okay he’s not consistent. This won’t work!” “He’s okay being mediocre. This won’t work.” There’s no shame in removing yourself from a toxic situation, it’s something that your future self will thank you for.

Elimination isn’t subject to romantic relationships I’ve had friends who have let me see who they were as an individual and I have had no issues with cutting them off.

I don’t eliminate people just for the heck of it but I pray a daily prayer and say “God please remove anyone that You have not assigned to me and connect me with those who You have assigned to me. Amen” It is important to know the thing that can happen based upon your connection to people. Not every elimination is good, but not every elimination is bad, pray to know the difference.

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