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The unfair double standard....

Back to relationship talk!!!

Okay, so I personally feel like I don’t ask for a lot in a relationship, my soon-to-be ex-husband (yes, the papers have been filled) may disagree but I feel like I expect basic things plus some above basic things. When I say basic things, be kind, be honest and carry yourself like you are in a relationship. Then, when I say above basic, I expect you to hold the door open for me, tell me you love me before the end of the day (when our relationship reaches that point) and make it a point to ask me how my day was without me forcing you to. But aren’t these things that should be considered basic things?

This is a legit question, why are we as women expected to lower our standards because a male refuses to find them necessary to please us or to keep us happy? Just keeping it real, most women are expected to cook, clean and ‘satisfy’ whenever it is needed and however long it is needed (whether it is entertaining/ pleasing to us or not), but when we expect males to take out the trash, not leave their shoes where you can fall on your face and maybe bring us flowers on a random “Just because I love you!” occasion, we are asking too much?

That’s ABSOLUTELY not okay!

I have been in a position to where a male (notice I didn’t say man) literally made me feel less than because of the things that I expected him to do, and I have been in that situation more than once. But Queens, if he refuses to rise to the occasion don’t lower the bar, just get him out of the line and keep sitting pretty. What you have to beg a male to do, a man will do that and then some!

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