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"Girl if I was your size..."

So a few weeks ago I was casually talking with a group of women, and one of the older women in the group was talking about her weight in her "younger days" and she asked a younger woman in the group what her size was, and instantly you could see this wave of extreme and intense discomfort overcame the young lady. One of her family members immediately came to her rescue and said "She doesn't like talking about her weight." Immediately I said to myself "What weight?" I mean she is every bit of 105 pounds! I mean, I wouldn’t want to be that small, imagine how cold I would be in the winter?!? But throw about 20 pounds on her, and I would be good!

It really blew my mind to see how someone on the opposite side of the spectrum could be insecure. I mean, if I was her size, I'd wear anything and everything!

One thing that I always say when I am doing my best "critiquing" of myself is "My butt could be bigger!" But in being completely honest with myself, I know that if I had a big butt, all that I would have in my closet would be booty shorts. Just being completely honest, I would be twerking everywhere! In my car, in the grocery store, at work and dare I say, I would be twerking while blogging.

I think that one thing that we fail to realize as women is that we are all beautiful in our own right and in our own way. We shouldn’t try to fit into a certain type of beautiful because we need to learn how to walk in our own.

QueenMe is more than me getting on my computer and talking about life, QueenMe is meant to be a platform that allows me to help women to know their own value and know, I mean really know who you are in God so that you don’t let anyone in the world break you! Once you know who you are in God, you are unstoppable and that is exactly why the world doesn’t want you discover the Queen within.

I challenge you to start a list of one thing that you like or love about yourself and every day add something else about yourself that you love and do that for 30 days straight, and each time you add something, read the previous things and see the person that you start to become over the course of those 30 days. I dare you to stop allowing the world to define you! Whoever said that you had to fit in a box anyway?

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