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"If I was her..."

As you may or may not know, I love me some Love and Hip Hop! Recently while watching Love and Hip Hop New York Reunion, I was looking at Amina in pure astonishment because I can’t honestly see how she acts as dumb as she does behind Peter. Like how do you know that he has another family, allow him to move her in the same apartment building that you and y’alls daughter live in, and be completely okay with him not coming home at night? I can’t solely fault him for treating Amina like a doormat, but I have to fault Amina for allowing him to. Somebody can only do to you what you allow them.

However, when I was really analyzing their hectic love triangle (Peter, Amina and Tara), I realized that they are just two women who love a man who isn’t deserving of their love. But to be completely honest with myself, (and I invite you to do the same) I think that we are all guilty of loving someone who just doesn’t deserve us or our loyalty.

This doesn’t start or stop with romantic relationship, but just think of how many of your friends actually don’t deserve your friendship. Some of us have some real trifling friends who don’t appreciate the things that we bring to the table. It could be a friend that we take to work every day and they NEVER offer us gas money or for that matter, never even say thank you. Or a friend who’s always “holding a dollar”, or five or ten, and never pay you back!

I have often looked at Amina and said " Oh Lord that couldn't be me..If I was her I would take my baby and my music and high tail it back to Germany." But I can't say that because I am not her and I don't know the in's and out's of their relationship, I just know what I see on TV.

So Amina, if you are by chance reading this, I apologize for all of the times that I have called you dumb, stupid, simple-minded and etc., I apologize. Because you are not dumb, you just are just in love with a man who doesn’t deserve you love or your commitment. When you love someone, especially a man and ESPECIALLY a man that you commit your life too through Holy Matrimony, You will tolerate so much until you finally say “Okay, I can’t do this anymore.” And saying that is more than just a notion, because often times you say, “Okay, I can’t do this anymore.” And then your love for that person of urging you to go back to make it work and make you want to fight for love. Love has a habit or making us do the very thing that we said that we wouldn’t. What you won’t do, do for love!

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