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Classy, Confident and Covered....

I don’t know if you know it or not, but I used to be a clubber. I’m not talking about a “every other weekend” clubber, but I am talking about a “every Friday and Saturday, don’t stop twerking until the music stops” clubber and sometimes more than that. Before I got saved for real & married, I normally dated rappers and I made sure to shut all the groupies down by being their number one supporter, so if they had a show, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday (Yes Sunday) I was there, dropping it like it was hot front and center. SMH! (Moment of silence) Thank God for Jesus!

When I went out, I let it all hang out. I was several sizes smaller and I was all the way feeling myself. You could not tell me anything. Tube tops, booty shorts and rompers that barely covered what God gave me made up my wardrobe. I am not proud that I let it all hang out, but it indeed happened.

One day I was at the club in my hoochie attire and I remember seeing this woman, fully clothed and she just glowed. I will never forget, she was wearing a black pant jumpsuit, zipped all the way up and she looked so respectable. I will never forget that woman because she taught me one of the most valuable lessons of my life; Nakedness is not sexiness, confidence and respect is. Now I didn’t rush to discard of my booty shorts, but I no longer thought that they were necessary or like they attributed to my sexiness. It was not long after that, that I decided to take a vow of celibacy because I started on the path of valuing my body and not sharing it so freely with the public.

Confidence is your best accessory, It is not something that is built over night but I encourage and challenge you to strive to wear it like a boss.

Pray that God reveals to you, your own beauty. Begin to do things that make you feel your best! From personal experience, not being able to look in the mirror because you hate what you see, is a horrible thing, but when you are able to look and even stare because you love who you see looking up, is a feeling that is irreplaceable. It is nobody’s responsibility to make you feel great or to shine your own crown. Let others add to your life, don’t let them define you!

Now pardon me, I have a date with my mirror……

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