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Only one me....Only one you!

‘Individuality’ is a word that people seem to be so scared of and for what reason? I have no idea. Yes, It’s one thing to admire someone but then it is a completely different situation, when you mimic and imitate someone. Attempting to take on someone’s identity is seriously unhealthy. So you say, “What are you talking about Queen?”

I’m glad that you asked and I have a perfect example to explain and make my point (as always); about a month or so ago, I had red, brown and black braids and the colors were really bold and randomly placed because I wanted something different. A week after I installed my braids, BOOM, a girl on my team got the same braids in the exact same colors! Imagine the look on face when she walked into work all happy or whatever (In my Cardi B voice). She was not even subtle about the “flattery” (imitation). I quickly changed my hair and then counted it to me be paranoid, until I realized that she started dressing like me and even began to buy the exact same clothes after I would wear something. I could not even breathe without her wanting to replicate my breathing pattern. And, before you also count it as me being paranoid, some of co-workers even refer to her as my “twin”, so I know it just wasn’t me.

One thing that you have that nobody else has, is yourself. Why trade that for being someone else? Be you, because only you can do that. You are unique being, strategically created and orchestrated by God. Whether people acknowledge your uniqueness or ignore it, realize that you are amazing in your own right. Spend time shining your own light instead of spending energy trying to replicate someone else’s.

Love you Queen!

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