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Over the weekend Ne-Yo (Singer of So Sick, Because of You, Miss Independent, Mad and etc.), got married to Baby Mama #2, Crystal Renay. Ne-Yo has two kids (Madilyn (5) and Mason (4)) by Baby Mama #1, Monyettta Shaw.

My first "hmmm" moment is that Crysta Renay is nine months+ and could really drop their little boy (her first child) at any moment. I understand wanting the baby to be born into a household where there is a husband and wife, but that is one of those things that should be handled before conception (call me old school, I don’t care lol). They say never say never, but I think that I would wait until after my child was born to walk down the aisle. How are you going to drop it like it’s hot at the reception and the honeymoon for that matter with a huge love bump in your midsection? I know people stroll down the aisle everyday with their babies cooking in their uterus but me personally, I wouldn't see it happening that way.

My second "hmmm" moment was that his baby mama nor his kids were in the wedding. Now the baby mama, I can understand. You give a man years of your life and your uterus and then he just moves on and gets married like that *snap*. A woman does not easily get over that. For you to have kids by a man and commit to a man, you have to see a future with him and it is hard to erase the future that see with him and slide somebody else in that future. And, I can't even fathom swallowing the pill of your children having to be around somebody that you don't even want in the picture. In a perfect world, people swallow their feelings and strictly put the kids first but I don't think that this situation was the case.

On another note, the kids weren't there? What kind of foolishness is that? Not only did Crystal Renay marry Ne-Yo and make a commitment to him, but she made a commitment to his children, so why would you not include them in your special day that defines the rest of your life?

The story is that little Madilyn and Mason are looking at schools and had an appointment that was scheduled in December before said wedding was scheduled. I don't believe that at all, not even a little. Not coming for Ne-Yo or Monyetta or Crystal Renay, not really. Ne-Yo what kind of parent does not rearrange their big day to include all of the ones who matter especially your children? Monyetta, kids first, I see you lol. You can't be mad at her for being a mother and doing what is necessary to secure her children’s future. And Crystal Renay, Really? I would do everything to make sure that my husband's children, who I would vow to love as they came from me, were a part of our day. Regardless of what I had to rearrange our family would be there. I see a wicked step mother story brewing!

Sidenote: The wedding was cute though! And is her bridesmaid pregnant too? It is something in the water!

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