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My Own Valentine...

The long awaited question…..How was my Valentine’s Day? It was great! I did everything that I said that I was going to do. I woke up, got dressed and did some shopping ,went to the movies, did some more shopping, got a pedicure, did more shopping, got dinner, rented some movies and ended my day by making chocolate covered strawberries. And guess what? I did it all by myself and I enjoyed it, every bit of it. I minimized my social media interaction for the day simply because I just wanted to enjoy being with myself and I could do without all of the lovey dovey “usies” on my timeline.

On a side note, shout out to all of my friends who got engaged over the weekend! Love is such a beautiful thing and there is no better feeling than to wake up with the love of your life every day. Some of you may be too young to know this song, but it’s an old school song that says “It’s so good, loving somebody and somebody loves you back!”

Anyway, I hope that all of you Queens had a great day whether solo or with the love of your life, or with Mr. Right Now. Whatever the case, I hope that it was great!

Love you all!

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