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This morning I was getting ready for work, and just as I was about done, I heard God say "Just let me handle your enemies." In my head I responded and was like "God, ain’t nobody worried about little old me." I WAS WRONG!!! When I tell you people came for me today, they came for me at every single direction. Everybody and they mama came at me sideways. By lunch time I felt like the 18 year old me, ready to let some people have it and in the most ungodly way.

After I failed the test, I could not help but to repent and ask God for forgiveness because not only did I not give Him glory in my actions but I ignored His warning! God did me a huge favor by preparing me before I even left the house and I acted as if He, out of all people, did not know what He was talking about.

I truly live an "even life" I have 1, yes one, best friend and she’s a more hippie-like version of me. I have few, literally three friends, a handful of associates and my immediate family (Mother, Father, Sister, nieces, nephews, Favorite Aunties (2) and maybe 2 cousins). Other than that, I don't too much fool with people because people have shown themselves unreliable (another blog lol) to me in the past. I'll talk to people all day long but I leave them where there at because these people ain't loyal! (In my Pastor Jamal Bryant voice) Also, when I say "even life", I mean that besides church, work, shopping and working out/getting my waistline together, I don't do anything. I am a homebody, so I honestly didn't see me as a threat. But I am to the enemy, and that is okay with me.

I could address a lot of situations and address a lot of people and truly shut some things down, like real quick! But I am not, I learned my lesson. I am letting God handle it all, because He can handle it way better than I can. God allows me to hear and see so much and I refuse to let Him down again, especially when He gives me a warning.

Now let me sit down and let God handle my dead weight!!!

Queens, never let your crown shift for anyone. Keep looking up, Keep smiling and Keep praying! God's got you!

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