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What did she say?

Amina: “He loves you, he wants to be with you.”

Tara: “Why do you stay with a man who’s in love with another woman?”

Amina: “Because I am not a quitter. That’s why!”


So y’all know that I love me some Love and Hip Hop! Tonight I was watching and I saw the above foolery and I was speechless but it took me back to a moment where my “husband’s” ex came to me and told me the status of their relationship and she told me that she “would do whatever he asked her to do and do whatever she could until he ask (her) to stop.” I’m telling y’all I could write a book about our relationship. I won’t go that deep into the situation because I am truly saving it for the book, but I will say that some women’s self-esteem really are that low. I really don’t understand how some females can be that willing to be second especially when a man has a wife. That is a vow that that man has made to God, his wife and his family.

Now I will say that just because you are married does not mean that you are in love, it is the sad truth. Also, I will say that just because a man ask you to marry him, doesn’t mean that he has the intention of being faithful, it could just mean that he doesn’t want a real man to see the treasure that you are. That is evident with Peter asking Amina to marry him even though Tara had his heart.

What do you really do in a situation to where you love a man but he is incapable of being faithful and keeping your union sacred? I can’t say leave but I can say pray. Pray that he sees your worth and that God will allow him to treasure your union and only have eyes for you or if it is not in the Will of God, remove him from your life! Don’t be upset if God does not respond the way that you expect Him to!

Stay prayerful, nobody should have to share or settle. And you are happy with settling, know that you are worth more!

Side note: Tara looks real REAL pregnant! We’ll see what happens lol

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