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Own it...

Hey Loves!

Life is crazy! It can get real real, like real fast. A lot of times we get put into situations where honestly nobody knows what we are going through but ourselves and God. We can try to explain it to other people, but they just won’t get it. They also won’t understand the reasoning that you are making the choices that you are making because they don’t know the situation. You can tell you but it is no way that they can fully comprehend your mind or the situation, because they are not you and they are not in that moment and that situation. If you are going through something, you know exactly what I am talking about it. Today I am simply telling you to Own It! Own the choices that you make and Own the road that got you there. Life isn’t always pretty but with God it will ALWAYS GET BETTER!

Shine your crown and never allow anyone to dull it or rely on anyone to validate the light that you choose to let it shine in!

-Queen Me

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