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How soon is too soon....

I was in the grocery store recently just minding my business, reading a magazine, waiting for the nice lady to ring up my food and there it was...Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani! I was truly speechless. Maybe I am the only one, but I thought that what Miranda and Blake had was real and I was truly shocked when they announced their split and even more shocked when their divorce was finalized like a week later.

Doing slight digging on Blake, I see that he loves love, he was married to Kaynette Gem for 3 years, divorced, met and married Miranda, married and divorced 4 years later and now here he is with Gwen. Mind you, Blake is only 39, not old for a man at all.

Anywhow, just 4 months after a almost 10 year relationship (they started dating in 2006), he is in another relationship! Am I the only person that gives the side eye to that situation? I know that there is a road to the hill that is divorce, but how soon is too soon to jump into a relationship? I am not saying that he and Gwen, his The Voice, co-star had a love burning before the ink dried on the divorce papers, but it does make me wonder.

Personally, I think that 1 month of healing for a year of a relationship is fair. Blake and Miranda were together for 10 years so it should have at minimum taken him 10 months to publicly confess his love for another woman. 10 months seems like a long time, but so does 10 years!

Queen's how would you feel if your ex-boo jumped all googley eyed for another woman after only 4 months post-divorce and y'all were married for 10 years?

Thank God for prenups and birth control!

-Queen Me

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