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I'm not going to beg you...

I am all about Women knowing their worth and owning what makes us amazing as women. While watching Black Ink Crew Chicago, watching Don's baby mama basically beg him to marry her. No ma'am!

Let me tell you first hand, if you have to beg a male for a promotion in his life, he doesn't deserve you. In the situation with Don and his child's mother, she caught him with another woman in a comprimising position. So first of all that is saying that he has no respect for you and secondly that is saying that he doesn't value you because he's "smart" enough to put himself in a position that could cause him to loose you.

A woman that loves herself and acknowledges her crown won't beg for a male to recognize her worth. And know that a pauper knows that a Queen is a Queen but, he does not have the King Mentality that the Queen deserves!

-Queen Me

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