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I honestly try to only talk about what I know unless my opion just has to be told, then you get what I think! Lol

ON 09/11 I was laid off and just recently returned to work on 10/26, so for a little over a month, I was “blessed” to be a house wife. During that time I truly felt like my duties as a wife were to make sure that my husband came home to a spotless house and a home cooked meal. I try to do that anyway, but since I wasn’t working I felt like that was my contribution. Some may disagree, but such is life!

Well, now that I am working, I find it more than acceptable for my husband to at least pick up his cup off the floor, maybe pick up dinner just so I can put my feet up.

This isn’t a post about me saying all of the things that my husband does or doesn’t do but more of me raising the question, If a man expects a woman to work, should he still expect her to hold down the house?

I am a traditional

cave woman, to me the man brings home the bacon, sausage, eggs, cheese and grits (I’m hungry) and the woman cooks it. I believe it is acceptable for a woman to work, but it should be at her discretion. Now, don’t get wrong, I like making my own money and being able to spend my own money but to let the man be the man, the woman has to be the woman. But What does that really mean?

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