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Tick Tock...Tick Tock....

Happy Birthday Ciara!!!!!

Am I the only one shocked that Ciara is 30??? In my mind she is 22 and just came out with 1-2 Step. I would put some of the lyrics but its Sunday!

Anywho, As soon as I realized that she was 30,I immediately wondered when she was going to marry Russell and pop out some more adorable babies so Baby Future could be a big brother? Then I realized how much pressure that we as women are under and how much pressure we put on ourselves to have an amazing marriage, a great career and a beautiful family within a certain time frame.

Before I met my husband, I had it all planned out; I would marry an amazing Christian athlete that adored me and we would have 4 maybe 5, maybe 6 kids and I would run a fashion empire and be able to work from home most of the week and raise our babies, going in for mandatory meetings. I would go to all the home games, red carpets events, we would have it all! We would grow old together and be more in love than the day that we met. I told y'all that I had it planned out but I never got close to my idea of the good life!

At 23, I feel my clock winding up. I have a degree but my career is just starting and I have a lot to do before I want to embrace motherhood. I would love to have a baby but I feel society and family rushing it, even I'm rushing it. I constantly have to remind myself that I still have time before my womb goes on permanent vacation (menopause) I have have time! Just breathe and when your clock starts ticking, hit snooze.

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