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Making it through the holidays....

As I sit here eating my grapes and bagel and drinking my lime infused water, I think about two weeks ago when I accepted the challenge that I made to myself to be back in my size 11/12 jeans by new years. To loose one pants/dress size in two months isn't hard, BUT doing it near Thanksgiving and Christmas might be a problem.

Today I am starting my Challenge and I want to take y'all along with me, so there will be a special area of Queen Me, named "Queen's Challenge" where you can follow and even join me on my challenge to drop some of these pounds.

Sidenote: If you follow me on Instagram ( just know that I am still going to have a plate of smoked turkey, My Mamas dressing, greens and etc. so don't judge me when you see that post, but I will do it portion control.

So Queens if you want to be able to still be able to button your jeans after the holidays, join me! And if you don't want to be in the crowds of all the people making the New Years resolutions to loose weight, join me!

Challenge Accepted?

Now let me

go workout lol

Happy Monday!!!!!

-Queen Me

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