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Let me tell you why I am not surprised....

So first of all, I was raised in a home wiht both parents and that played a major part in the person that I am today. So I believe that when people have kids together, that they should give it their all to make that relationship work and if it can't, then go your seperate ways. However give it all that you have to have a family for your child with both parents happily living in the same home. It would be great if every child had that but, I'm realistic enough to know that they doesn't always happen.

Secondly, I knew that Bow Wow would never marry Erica Mena. How did you know that Queen Me? I knew because of his mother. Let me explain; a man often times marries his mother and or his sister. Not always, but a lot of the times a man looks for a woman who reminds him of his loving and devoted mother or his amazing sisters. Majority of the time when a man finds the right woman, she will blend in perfectly with his family (as long as they don't feel threatened and jealous) because of that reason. Erica is nothing like Shad Moss respecful, driven, classy and tasteful mother. She is just the oppositie.

Thirdly, Shad Moss said that he made her. A woman in her right mind isn't going to be comfortable with a man saying that. When you are in the right position, a man will add too you and you will be able to add too him, but to say that you made him or that you made him is not okay simply because you should be able to stand on your own before you are able to stand together. Also, let me add that just because you two are able to stand on your own doesn't mean that y'all can successfully stand together.

The result is that Shad is back with his baby mama and Erica is somewhere erasing all of the pictures of Shad from her IG, lost and confused.

SN: A LOT of this drama stemmed from how Erica handled her and Shad's recent miscarriage and him feeling that she was attention-seeking. You can take the girl off the show but you can't the show off the girl. It's not good to live for the spotlight!

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