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What is the purpose of purpose?

I have been MIA for a while and that I apologize for but that brings me to this blog post. Purpose is something that I was "sure" of until I graduated a few months ago. While I went through school for the past 100 years, I knew that my purpose was to graduate high school, get my associates and get my bachelors. I remeber after I received my B.S. in Business Administration, I was like "Yes I did it!!! So what do I do with the rest of my life," Now I am on the search to finding my purpose and to help people, but to do what makes me happy, oh and make good money and have good benefits and a good retirement, you know what normal poeple want! This isn't a blog saying that after praying and meditating in a room fool of candles with Shana Wilson playing in the background as I sat with my eyes to the sky, my purpose came to me. But this post is about saying that purpose is meaningful because it means that you are fufiling the call that has been placed over your life by God and you are successfully using what your gifts are.

A wise woman told me that your purpose is the one thing that you love to do, the thing that comes natural and makes you happy.

Today I challenge you to seek God, find your purpose and not just be happy, but find your joy, find your center and redefine your smile!!!

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