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Draya Fakes her engagement?

Draya Faked her engagement to hear Beau Orlando Scandrick? Yes! Am I suprised? NO! Why? Because in my opinion, she has always been in this relationship by herself. Posing with him, his kids, playing wifey. You never give a man your all. You're all is reserved for you husband, the man who buys the ring and puts it on your finger. If you give any man your all, he has nothing to look forward to in taking the role of your husband. You can't turn a (you know what) into a house wife. The unfortunate thing is Draya's son and Orlando's twin daughters. Its a shame that the kids have to split too.

Draya is saying that Orlando is playing her like a clow. But she set herself up to a clown, he just accepted her goods and babysitting services.

Draya go to church and next time don't buy the ring. Let the man be the man.

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