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Wedding planning 101-3

You meet your KIng, He see's a good thing, Pops THE Question and a year later you are married, Right? Wrong!!!!

MInes happened in that order but cut the year into four and you get three. Yes three months!

I planned a wedding in three months.

Was it stressfull? Yes, but it was great.

The longest part was getting the ring!

Here are a few things that helped me in quick planning!

(NO, I was not pregnant, I just wanted a summer wedding and I didn't want to wait!)

1) I knew that I wanted a bright and summer wedding, in the church that I grew up in.

2) I knew that I wanted a big, big, BIG dress!

3) I knew that I didn't and couldn't spend thousands of dollars so I did alot of diy and dollar tree and hobby lobby were my go-to stores.

4) I knew that I wanted a large bridal party. I regret it now because I talk to so few of them even though I haven't been married a year yet.( I had 10 bridesmaids)

5) I knew that I wanted our famillies to truly come together so I tried to includede each of our immediate family.

6) I know people!!!! I knew who to get a favor from, what I could get a discount on, who I was connected too and what I had to pay for.

I am no bridal expert but I have advice for days!

Email me for help!

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