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Ms.Malia Obama

Is it me or does Malia Obama make you feel like you need to check for Grays? Malia just turned 17 and just snagged an internship with Lena Dunham. I greatly commend Malia for being her own individual and trying to acheive her own success and not just riding on the success of her parents. I'm sure that the last name "Obama" played a part in snagging a job but you have to admire her for even taking the "get a job" route. I'm not sure if the internship is paid or unpaid but even if it is paid, it's probaly pocket change to the oldest first kid.

So many kids now just walk around with their hands out regardless of if their parents can support them or not. These kids today know the system and can work it with the best of them. I like to see teenagers who have a plan and know where they are going. Ambitious teenagers transform into thriving adults.

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