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Lets End the Season With A Bang.

I know that I am not the only fan of BET's The Game and I know that I am not the only one seriously grieving that this is the last season. It's breaking my heart. I was sad the first time that it went off, but I am truly at a loss that it is going off again. What am I going to watch now? Really What? I'll take suggestions!

Anyway...New has broken that Melanie and Derwin a.k.a Ding Dong are coming back and I can't wait.

In my head, she is super successfull and they have two babies plus D.J.. I would love to see little D.J. but they can leave Janae where she's at. (Homewrecker...Yes I'm still salty that she had Derwin's baby and almost ruined the Med-School and Ding Dong love. I told y'all that I was a fan).

I will be tuned in to BET on August 5th with a box of tissue, a Jumbo bowl of Kettle Popcorn and a tall glass of water!!!!

Sidenote: I really hope that Blue and Kiera or Blue and Malik can get something popping. Bllue did the most taking the ring back so I don't know but anything is possible on BET!

Long live The Game!!!!!

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