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My go to style.....

I have been natural for about two years now and it has been a long road of discovery of the kinks and curls that is my hair. One thing that I have realized in my journey is that my hair loves braids and that my hair experiences the most growth when I have braids.

My go to style is box braids because they are so versatile and so low maintence. I just love the. I can rock them in a bun, in a pontytail or I can get my Poetic Justice on and where them down. I choose protective styles throughtout the whole year because I'm lazy, I like my sleep and I don't like styling my hair on a daily basis which I do with quick weaves.

My box braid routine is to co-wash my hair, moisturize it with Coconut oil and start braiding. I normally keep my braids up for 2 months and I touch up when I need too. i will braiding my hair ASAP because this Texas heat is a killer and i refuse to be a victim.

Here are a few styles that I run too since I embraced my curls.

Box Braids

Micro Braids

Box Braids

Quick Weaves

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