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The Muppet Beef is Over!!!!

I am a huge fan of reality tv; I love me some Love and Hip Hop (all the cities) and I used to be a fan of Braxton Family Values until Tamar caught her train to fame and her sisters started attacking her. It irritated me that they couldn't be happy for her....Like is Toni the only one that can make it? But anywho, Everybody knows that for years, Tamar and K.Michelle have been beefing. Tamar came for K. when K. Was sueing the rapper Memphitz for abuse and defamation of character. (She won) and Tamar being Tamar and a friend of Memphitz wife, Toya Carter (Lil Wayne's ex-wife) Called K. a liar and more and in defense K. called Tamar a muppet among other things and it stuck. Fast Forward to a few months ago on Tamar's show The Real, Tamar talked about how she was being bullied and how that "somebody" started calling her muffet and how that hurt her. As somebody who has been bullied, I sympathize for others who have been bullied but I don't have sympathy for bulllies who face the inevitable and reap what they have sown. So Tamar gets no sympathy from me because she comes for everybody.

In the name of female empowerment, Tamar and K. perfomed together at the 2015 BET Awards, which was the first time that they had met.

I wonder does this reconcilliation have anything to do with K. winning the suit against Memphitz proving that he actually did abuse K and him and Toya not being together anymore?

Let me sip my tea....

-Queen Me

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