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That summer body....

In my last year state of mind, this year I would be completely two piece ready, I would look great and toned ready to flex at a moments notice. But marriage and cheescake happened so I am two piece tankini ready and not two piece bikini ready. I don't look just quite like Beyonce (but who really wants to? Right? #Sarcasm) Even in my UnBeyonce, UnVegan and UnMoved state, I will be rocking my God-Given cureves and my oh-so-lovely-love handles the best way that I know how. I'm going to spare myself from the bikinis and thong swimsuits but I will be rocking a nice tankini or even a fierce one-piece because those are what flatters me most and I can still be fierce, confident and comfortable poolside. Ladies whether you are a 0 or 24....HUNNY OWN IT!

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