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(Complete Series)

After moving to Los Angeles to see how far she could take her careeras a tattoo artist, Tiyanni meets Prince. True to his name and the sonof street royalty, Prince works diligently to help the empire that hisgrandfather created continue to thrive. When he meets Tiyanni for thefirst time, he’s immediately drawn to the gorgeous woman who takes nononsense. But when Prince and Tiyanni’s past loves come back to wreakhavoc and claim what’s theirs, it leaves a puddle of confused and hurtfeelings behind.Imari, after being convinced by her cousin Tiyanni, comes to LosAngeles hoping she’ll finally learn to stop living for others and tostart living for herself. But when she meets King Junior, who alsohappens to be Prince’s uncle, she learns more life lessons than shecould have ever hoped for. However, already in a situationship, Imariis in no rush to find a new beaux and makes it known. But will she beable to see the royalty in King Junior before it’s too late?

The Streets Showed Me Love 1-2

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