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Love was the last thing that Magic had on her mind when she crossed paths with Cairo. After a failed marriage and the ultimate betrayal by her sister which led to the demise of her relationship, she is focused on raising her ex-husbands daughter, advancing her career, and getting her heart right for herself. She never expects a man like Cairo to step in and change her mind about everything she thought she wanted for her life.
Cairo, a strong and successful man with a past of his own, is forced to deal with the childhood trauma of seeing his father murdered by a close relative. When a foe comes back to attempt to destroy him, he must stand in his truth of his past to protect his future.
Jasmine is a woman who knows exactly what she wants, but she doesn’t want to get out of her own way in order to get it. Meeting Rico was the very thing to throw a monkey wrench in her plans of living carefree, yet when she gets pregnant, it solidifies his place in her life. What they don’t count on is his other love interest getting pregnant too.
Sometimes the very thing you need is the very thing that you don’t want, and sometimes the people who should be in your corner are the very ones gunning to destroy you. The magic of love is powerful enough to make everything right, and it’s strong enough to shield you from your enemies…or is it?

The Magic of Love

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$13.00Sale Price
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