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For Rihanni Scott, love is all she cares about, and as a professional matchmaker, making sure people are compatible enough to fall in love is truly what makes her world go round. When you love what you do it’s not always about the money, and for Rihanni, it helps that she was born into a family with millions of reasons to be grateful. Unfortunately for her, her promised hand in marriage prior to her birth is one of the main reasons her family has acquired such wealth.
Ezra Malone is a man of strategy and intellect. Knowing who his betrothed is, is just a small part of the many aspects of his life and a minor sacrifice for what has to be done to keep his family legacy thriving.
With a woman as passionate as Rihanni and a man as calculated as Ezra, you’re bound to have tension and unavoidable chaos.
For the wedded couple, loving each other was never a part of the plan but when one cloudy night blurs the lines of their business arrangement, they are forced into making something out of nothing. Naturally, making things work isn’t as easy as it seems. While they are both good at business, they aren’t necessarily as skilled as they need to be when it comes to loving one another. The Business of Love is risky, but for Rihanni and Ezra, the reward of happily ever after will be great…If only they can hold on long enough

The Business of Love

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